enjit - coming soon

Welcome! Enjit is an IM service that connects your Gtalk/XMPP/Jabber client to your FriendFeed real time feed. The service is in very early "beta", and we're limiting the number of users as we scale up our capacity. If you're interested in the service, go ahead and sign up and we'll message you over IM as we have space available.

For news and status information, see the Enjit Blog

To sign up for the service...

Step 1
Add feed@enjit.com as a buddy in Gtalk, Adium, Pidgin, or whatever messaging client you use for XMPP.
Step 2
Type 'user <nickname> <remotekey>' to add your FriendFeed credentials. If you don't know your FriendFeed remote key you can find it here.

You'll see everything in your IM client that you'd see using FriendFeed's real-time web UI.

It might take a few minutes to get the hang of the feed format, but it's designed to give you as much information as possible in the fewest characters possible. Each message looks like:

[xx][source] entry_author: entry text | comment_author: comment text

  • xx - this is a two letter code you can use to comment on an entry. More on that in a minute. Clicking on this token takes you to the item on FriendFeed.com
  • source - This is the service the item came from. Clicking on the source link takes you to the original item.
  • Author links take you to the author's profile page on FriendFeed

To Post...

Type 'post The is my first post from Enjit!'

To Comment...

Type 'xx This is my first comment from Enjit' where xx is the two letter code of the entry you're commenting on.


If you need help or have suggestions, you can...